Simple Steps to Increase Your SEO Rank.

How simple?  Well, so there is no misunderstanding, I am a former hairstylist.  What gives me any kind of authority to write about SEO?  Absolutely no one and nothing.  I have SEO experience joined with a  familiarity with online buying and social media fused with a lot of blogging.  With those high qualifications, I present to you an in-depth, complete, 1239 page .doc explaining SEO algorithms and techniques.  Ok, maybe that’s a stretch.  How about some basic things anyone can apply to improve their website visibility and search engine page rank?  I’ll let you be the judge.  In all fairness, every item I discuss can be dissected and analyzed to death.  All you have to do is, (altogether now) just Google it.

  1. Know where you stand by looking your page rank up on or Google Analytics.  You can also discover what words are being used to search when your website is viewed, and even where visitors live.
  2. Use quality keywords and integrate wisely.  There are a plethora of keyword tools to narrow down your product or service.  In every search engine, keyword selection is vital to high rank along with:
  3. Concise, useful and updated content.  Combined with keywords, quality written content with links to similar sites, images with descriptions, and a site map draw the search engine spiders, meaning more visibility and traffic.
  4. Add a blog and incorporate social media with your website and link together.  It’s easy and free, and a very simple way to increase visibility as well as customer loyalty.
  5. Monitor your progress.  Many SEO tools will track and analyze your efforts so you can evaluate what works and what doesn’t.  They even offer suggestions and professional advice if you dive deep enough.

A few other tips such as search friendly URLs, backlinks, and staying away from Flash media will ensure high-ranking results.  But don’t expect the floodgates to open the day after implementing any or all of these; short and long-term results can only be obtained by your committment and involvement.  Give it a try!