How Email Marketing Levels the Playing Field

You’ve heard it all, tried it all, and spent a considerable share of your budget on it.  Everything from coupon books to little league sponsoring to get visibility short of an interstate billboard.  It’s advertising, and if you have not considered or tried email marketing yet, read on.

If an ROI over  5,700% (according to the Direct Marketing Association) is not impressive enough, consider these un-spammy advantages.

  • It’s inexpensive.  Depending on your business and size of your email campaign, my tech offers a send-one-time plan or by the month.  Starting at about $8.00 per thousand or $399.00 by the month, he specializes in high inbox-low bounce rates and list cleaning/repair.
  • It’s efficient.  Whether you’re sending a monthly newsletter, offering a coupon, or promoting a sale, your branded email creates brand familiarity and customer loyalty just being in their inbox!  You can expect results almost immediately from just one email ad-so be ready!
  • You will get directed traffic.  Whether you created your email list or it was generated around your type of service or product, expect customers who are ready to purchase.  Email marketing software features a variety of options to zero-in exact clientele you desire, like date of birth and town.  Consolidate a specific client characteristic also can be done.  If you were a florist, for example, just by asking on a client card what their favorite flower is, you would be able to send an email promoting only to daisy lovers during your daisy promotion month.
  • It doesn’t matter how big or small your competition is in the INBOX.  No one can size you up against any rivals based on the amount you spent on email advertising.  When was the last time your company was offered a 30 second spot during the Superbowl?  If only all advertising worked this way!
  • So easy a soccer mom can do it.  Yep, and I didn’t even put in one support ticket.  You’ll find a plethora of email marketing software programs online and most have a simple walk-through tutorial as you go.  Look for built-in features such as content filters, autoresponders, subscriber segmenting, unsubscribe links, and email templates as well as 24/7 customer service.  Or
  •  Hire a professional email marketing specialist who doesn’t just have a fancy website but you find their advertising in your inbox!  Novel concept? Not really.  My email marketing guru earned my business by proving he was already inboxing.  By hiring a tech, you will be assured your advertising stays Spam Compliant and reader friendly.   

With 54% of small business owners saying their email marketing campaigns are the best way to drive customers (both on and off-line), what are you waiting for?  If time is money maybe now is the moment to take charge of your advertising dollar by clicking send on your email campaign.