A Day in the Life of a Sports Management PR Coordinator

A sports management community relations coordinator is so much more involved than what we know from the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’.  Keeping up with athletes’ busy schedules and maintaining their admirable public image is literally a full-time job.  Basically, a community relations coordinator is an individual who works with an athlete or team looking to maintain or build a positive image in its local or global community.  Other responsibilities such as found here at workinsports.com’s blog may be included but vary from each employer. 

Accentuating The Positive
The duties of the community relations coordinator, in summary, is to be a liaison between the athlete, team, or its’ organization and the businesses involved with it, and to develop a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties.  This will make the athlete or organization you are representing more profitable and well-regarded, which will encourage others to favor accordingly. Besides event planning, marketing, press conferences, and field representation, the main responsibilities include:

Event Planning
Involving your client in a paid promotional event such as personal appearances, motivational sport speakers, and guest pro coaching engagements are very popular, lucrative, and easily contribute to a beneficial public image.  Charity affairs are a great boost for any client and help people in need as well, proving to be a vital constituent to secure a positive opinion with lasting impressions.  

Event Sponsoring
Another method in which the sports management community relations coordinator improves the community’s perception of athletes is by sponsoring events of other organizations. If your client does not participate or host the affair themselves, they can still donate money, (usually in exchange for advertising). Something as simple as a sign displayed at the event or even a service offered, indicating that it is sponsored by the player or sports organization. In some cases, the coordinator may then be responsible for making an appearance or even a speech at the event.  Writing press releases or other marketing content to advertise the event in order to rally support may be required by the coordinator also. 

Press Conferences
In addition to the logistics of a sports press conference, preparing an athlete or coach in advance should be considered.  With much at stake in professional sports, you don’t want anything stated that could hinder your team’s performance as well as compromise their image.  Detailed evaluation and recommendations after interviews are an excellent source of information for both the coordinator and the client(s).     

The community relations coordinator in sports management is essentially the “face” of the player or sports organization. It is very important for a person in this role to always present a professional image and to keep the perception of its clients in the forefront. If groups of press, community members or board members come for a visit to the company, for instance, it will likely be the coordinator that they see. The coordinator will also need to ensure that other staff members in the company are properly representing the company, and always interacting with customers or guests professionally.