What I Know

As Robert H. Schuller detailed, “If it is going to be, it is up to me”, and my life has followed this mantra for 45 years of experience.  In brief, my knowledge arsenal of personal involvement and development includes (and is not nearly limited to):

Professional:  Insurance and Annuities, Nursing, Restaurant Management, Travel, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Website Design, SEO, Email Marketing, Cosmetology, Medical Tourism, Writing, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurial Endeavors, Secretarial, Farming, Leadership Training, Social Media, Philanthropy

Personal Care: Hair\Makeup\Skin\, Diet and Exercise, Self-Improvement, Holistic Medicine

Sports:  Coaching, Yoga, Bicycling, Softball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Swimming, Volleyball, Surfing, Skating, Running, Martial Arts, Basketball

Home and Family:  Home Construction, Home Maintenance, Plumbing and Electric, Interior Design, Pool Maintenance, Landscaping and Maintenance,  Gardening, Cooking, Organic Gardening, Cleaning and Maintenance, Motherhood, Childbirth, Single Motherhood, Career and Family, Pets, Sewing, Crafts

Arts:  Acting, Painting, Designing, Fashion, Jewelry, Floral Design

Community:  Volunteering, Chairperson, Church Membership, Bible School Teaching, Feeding the Hungry, PTA, Food for Families, Walk For Life, FFA, Junior League

Miscellaneous:  Automotive, Household Budgeting, Entertainment, Comedy, Live Music, Networking, Antiques, Small Business, Patents, eBay, Paypal, Vacationing, Cruises, Latin and South America, Caribbean Islands

Pretty diverse, I know.  Living from California to Pennsylvania to Florida (and now Colombia) racks up the experiences.  If you need content, chances are I have at least tried it.  Just ask!